About The AversX Company

AversX is located in the Portland Oregon Metro Area.  Our team is here to assist clients in the process of change by focusing on specific techniques that have been empirically proven to be effective.  AversX was designed after over 14 years of experience working with clients who struggle with unwanted behavior.

Lead Developer:


Stephen Whittaker is the developer of the AversX comprehensive program.  He has worked with over 5000 clients over a course of 15+ years, through assessment, research, evaluation, individual and group therapy.  His main focus has been to reduce the number of individuals afflicted with abuse and establish consistent and reliable intervention and change techniques. You may contact him at stephen@aversx.com.

Stephen has an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and achieved his Masters degree in Psychology at Pacific University in Portland Oregon.  He is involved in the advancement of treating pornography addiction and improving overall family health.

Stephen visits and certifies International and State Agencies, Educational Establishments, and Private Clinicians to help educate and standardize the use of the AversX products, offering continuing education credits and providing consultation for clinicians.



AversX has their own production staff and researchers and operates their own production facility located in Beaverton, Oregon.  We firmly stand behind our products and we guarantee all our products are made with the highest level of quality.  All products undergo a quality assurance inspection as they come off the production line.  We are a team of dedicated professionals looking to improve our society's health and safety.  We guarantee all of our products will be high quality and free of production errors.


Our AversX products are made from 100% natural herbs and vitamins providing a consistently immediate bitter and foul tasting aversive experience while the client goes through their own process of change.