In addition to our already popular AversX Mouth Spray and AversX Inhalant, our newest product, AversX Mouth Strips, offers the user another way to consistently administer the aversion. Place one strip on the tongue and simply allow to dissolve - no spraying.

We have also been having great success with our AversX Mobile Packs.  This pack includes everything that a person would need to help them in this process of change.  In this all inclusive pack, we have provided an emergency contact number card, quote card to read, and a place to put pictures that motivate the client to make changes in their lives.  


We have also released our Sex Offender Treatment Program Manual (SOTP) and our Sex Addiction Treatment Program manual (SATP).  These are also available in our store for purchase.

We are proud to announce the recognition and awards for our workbooks and products from the international community on providing assistance in helping reduce sexual risk to society. We thank you all for your support and partnership in helping stop unhealthy behaviors.

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