We have been given a lot of feedback from individuals who have used our product and who have engaged in our successful program.  With their permission to use their first names, we have included some of their comments below:

"AversX helps trigger a memory that helps me achieve the desired result.  Normally, I used to have the tendency to look at young girls that came across my field of vision.  By carrying my Mouth Spray, I can immediately administer the spray and keep me focus on what I need to live a healthy life, I am looking less and less at young girls". - Skip

"I have been using AversX for almost 2 years now.  When I first started it felt like I was using it a couple of times a day.  Now, it is with me everywhere I go and I am only using it 2 or 3 times a month.  My relationship is great and I am still finding new ways to love my partner." - Michael

"I was very hesitant to begin the STAMP program because I did not feel that I had any problems with where my sexual interests were.  However, now that I am completed with the program, I am so glad I participated.  I have found what was getting in my way of having a satisfying sex life and I no longer have to hide from anyone or anything." - Mark

"I have just started this program, and I am already finding new things about myself that have begun to change the way I look at children.  I have always known I had a problem with being attracted to underage boys, but have always been afraid of talking it out with anyone.  I have never felt more in control of my situation as I do right now.  I am working to replace my unhealthy attractions with healthy relationships." - Clint

"Shame has been the biggest obstacle for me to get over.  It was hard to get help - it was hard to find a treatment provider who knew how to help me.  I finally found a provider who used AversX and with how welcoming and confident all while making me felt understood and valued.  Upon opening the STAMP workbook, I found it easy to read, simple examples that I could apply it to myself, and felt that I was in control of my own recovery.  I have hope, I am finding happiness, and I am finally happy about the future that I have." Robert

"I really wanted to say sorry over and over to everyone I have ever hurt.  I tried many times in person, in court, in letters I wrote while I was in prison, and I just never understood why that was not enough to help those effected by my behavior.  I have finally been able to understand why "sorry" is not what the people I have harmed wanted to hear.  I have learned in working with AversX program that I can apologize without saying sorry.  I can be sorrowful and wish to never offend again, but I do not have to ask those I have victimized for yet more by saying "sorry" and expecting them to "forgive" me.  I may never be forgiven, but I can help them find peace knowing that I am getting all the tools needed to be healthy and to build my lifestyle in a way that does not take anything from anyone ever again.  I thought I was entitled.  I thought I was right.  I thought what I was doing was not hurting anyone.  I was very wrong.  I have learned and am learning that I was unhealthy and I caused a lot of pain to many people.  I appreciate the AversX STAMP workbook for helping me become aware of my faulty thoughts and my impulsive behaviors.  There is no "sorry" in this.  There is sorrow and apology, but I know I cannot ask the victims to forgive me.  I can live a life that is offense free and I can make sure that I do not make anyone else hurt like I have hurt others." - Gary

"I have integrated the STAMP workbook into my program as a compliment to what I am already providing.  I found STAMP to reinforce what we already offer and provides the needed assistance to patients who have deviant sexual arousal.  My patients have achieved great success when using STAMP over the past 2 years.  I would highly recommend this program to any clinic working with clients who have deviant sexual interests.  This is a professional company that ships timely and answers any questions that may come up expediently."
- Dr. Hathaway, PhD, Melbourne

We are always open to feedback and love learning of new experiences that are being had. We are constantly looking for ways to improve. We are very lucky to be a part of so many lives and helping each recover from unwanted behavior.  If you would like to send us your feedback, please send us an email and we will address it promptly.
- The AversX Team