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Product Descriptions

AversX Mouth Spray® is made with 100% all natural herbs and vitamins.  It comes in both a 1.0 oz and a 0.5 oz non-aerosol spray container.  By using natural herbs like: Coptis, Goldenseal, Rhyzome, and Ginger, we have designed and patented our products to provide the most bitter taste to the mouth.  Each spray will evenly deliver the same amount at the exact time the client uses it.  The containers easily fit in any purse, backpack, or pocket.

Our AversX Mouth Strips® are one of our newer and highest selling items; the user simply uses their finger to take a strip out of the container and then places the strip on their tongue.  They are made with the same 100% natural herb and vitamin formula as the mouth sprays; however, due to the localization of applying the strip on the tongue, we have implemented  a more potent formula which will allow the strip to immediately dissolve and the client can still experience the full effect of the taste to the different all parts of their mouth.  Each durable pocket container comes with 25 individual 1” x 1” strips.  Will easily fit in any purse, backpack, or pocket.

There is a little more risk involved when using our inhalant, and every client should be free of any and all breathing issues.  They are made with ammonia (our own formula), alcohol USP, Lavender oil, Lemon oil, Nutmeg, and purified water.  Typically the ammonia can only maintain its potency for 1-2 months (depending on the amount of usage and storage habits).  Easily fits into any purse, backpack, or pocket.